Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 1, Verse 27

तान्समीक्ष्य स कौन्तेय: सर्वान्बन्धूनवस्थितान् || 27||
कृपया परयाविष्टो विषीदन्निदमब्रवीत् |

tān samīkṣhya sa kaunteyaḥ sarvān bandhūn avasthitān
kṛipayā parayāviṣhṭo viṣhīdann idam abravīt

tānthese; samīkṣhyaon seeing; saḥthey; kaunteyaḥArjun, the son of Kunti; sarvānall; bandhūnrelatives; avasthitānpresent; kṛipayāby compassion; parayāgreat; āviṣhṭaḥoverwhelmed; viṣhīdandeep sorrow; idamthis; abravītspoke


BG 1.27: Seeing all his relatives present there, Arjun, the son of Kunti, was overwhelmed with compassion, and with deep sorrow, spoke the following words.


The sight of his relatives in the battlefield brought for the first time to Arjun’s mind the realization of the consequences of this fratricidal war. The valiant warrior who had come for battle, mentally prepared for dispatching his enemies to the gates of death, to avenge the wrongs that had been committed to the Pandavas, suddenly had a change of heart. Seeing his fellow Kurus assembled in the enemy ranks, his heart sank, his intellect became confused, his bravery was replaced by cowardice toward his duty, and his stoutheartedness gave way to softheartedness. Hence, Sanjay calls him as the son of Kunti, his mother, referring to the softhearted and nurturing side of his nature.