Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 1, Verse 7

अस्माकं तु विशिष्टा ये तान्निबोध द्विजोत्तम |
नायका मम सैन्यस्य संज्ञार्थं तान्ब्रवीमि ते || 7||

asmākaṁ tu viśhiṣhṭā ye tānnibodha dwijottama
nāyakā mama sainyasya sanjñārthaṁ tānbravīmi te

asmākamours; tubut; viśhiṣhṭāḥspecial; yewho; tānthem; nibodhabe informed; dwija-uttamabest of Brahmnis; nāyakāḥprincipal generals; mamaour; sainyasyaof army; sanjñā-arthamfor information; tānthem; bravīmiI recount; teunto you


BG 1.7: O best of Brahmins, hear too about the principal generals on our side, who are especially qualified to lead. These I now recount unto you.


Duryodhan addressed Dronacharya, the commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army, as dwijottam (best amongst the twice-born, or Brahmins). He deliberately used the word to address his teacher. Dronacharya was not really a warrior by profession; he was only a teacher of military science. As a deceitful leader, Duryodhan even entertained shameless doubts about the loyalty of his own preceptor. The hidden meaning in Duryodhan’s words was that if Dronacharya did not fight courageously, he would merely be a Brahmin interested in eating fine food served at the palace of Duryodhan.

Having said that, Duryodhan now desired to boost his own morale and that of his teacher, and so he started enumerating the great generals in his own army.