Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 11, Verse 30

लेलिह्यसे ग्रसमान: समन्ता-
ल्लोकान्समग्रान्वदनैर्ज्वलद्भि: |
तेजोभिरापूर्य जगत्समग्रं
भासस्तवोग्रा: प्रतपन्ति विष्णो || 30||

lelihyase grasamānaḥ samantāl
lokān samagrān vadanair jvaladbhiḥ
tejobhir āpūrya jagat samagraṁ
bhāsas tavogrāḥ pratapanti viṣhṇo

lelihyaseyou are licking; grasamānaḥdevouring; samantāton all sides; lokānworlds; samagrānall; vadanaiḥwith mouths; jvaladbhiḥblazing; tejobhiḥby effulgence; āpūryafilled with; jagatthe universe; samagramall; bhāsaḥrays; tavayour; ugrāḥfierce; pratapantiscorching; viṣhṇoLord Vishnu

lelihyase grasamanah samantal
lokan samagran vadanair jvaladbhih
tejobhir apurya jagat samagram
bhasas tavograh pratapanti vishno


BG 11.30: With Your fiery tongues You are licking up the hosts of living beings on all sides and devouring them with Your blazing mouths. O Vishnu, You are scorching the entire universe with the fierce, all-pervading rays of Your effulgence.


The Lord controls the world with grandiose forces of creation, maintenance, and annihilation. At present, he is being perceived by Arjun in this mode as the all-devouring force that is engulfing his friends and allies from all sides. Viewing the apparition of future destined events in the cosmic form of God, Arjun sees his enemies being wiped out in the imminent battle. He also sees many of his allies in the grip of death. Petrified by the spectacle he is seeing, Arjun supplicates before Shree Krishna in the next verse.