Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 4, Verse 35

यज्ज्ञात्वा न पुनर्मोहमेवं यास्यसि पाण्डव |
येन भूतान्यशेषेण द्रक्ष्यस्यात्मन्यथो मयि || 35||

yaj jñātvā na punar moham evaṁ yāsyasi pāṇḍava
yena bhūtānyaśheṣheṇa drakṣhyasyātmanyatho mayi

yatwhich; jñātvāhaving known; nanever; punaḥagain; mohamdelusion; evamlike this; yāsyasiyou shall get; pāṇḍavaArjun, the son of Pandu; yenaby this; bhūtāniliving beings; aśheṣhāṇiall; drakṣhyasiyou will see; ātmaniwithin me (Shree Krishna); athothat is to say; mayiin me

yaj jnatva na punar moham evam yasyasi pandava
yena bhutanyasheshena drakshyasyatmanyatho mayi


BG 4.35: Following this path and having achieved enlightenment from a Guru, O Arjun, you will no longer fall into delusion. In the light of that knowledge, you will see that all living beings are but parts of the Supreme, and are within Me.


Just as darkness can never engulf the sun, similarly, illusion can never again overcome the soul who has once attained enlightenment. Tadviṣhṇoḥ paramaṁ padaṁ sadā paśhyanti sūrayaḥ “Those who have realized God always remain in God-consciousness.”

Under the illusion of Maya, we see the world as separate from God, and establish friendship or enmity with other human beings depending upon whether they satisfy or harm our self-interest. Divine knowledge that comes with enlightenment changes our perspective and vision of the world. Enlightened Saints see the world as the energy of God, and utilize whatever comes their way in the service of God. They also see all human beings as parts of God and harbor a divine attitude toward everyone. Thus, Hanuman says:

sīyā rāmamaya saba jaga jānī, karauñ pranāma jori juga pānī. (Ramayan)[v34]

“I see the forms of Lord Ram and Mother Sita in everyone, and so I fold my hands and offer my respects to all.”

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