Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 6, Verse 33

अर्जुन उवाच |
योऽयं योगस्त्वया प्रोक्त: साम्येन मधुसूदन |
एतस्याहं न पश्यामि चञ्चलत्वात्स्थितिं स्थिराम् || 33||

arjuna uvācha
yo ’yaṁ yogas tvayā proktaḥ sāmyena madhusūdana
etasyāhaṁ na paśhyāmi chañchalatvāt sthitiṁ sthirām

arjuna uvacha
yo ’yam yogas tvaya proktah samyena madhusudana
etasyaham na pashyami chanchalatvat sthitim sthiram

arjunaḥ uvāchaArjun said; yaḥwhich; ayamthis; yogaḥsystem of Yog; tvayāby you; proktaḥdescribed; sāmyenaby equanimity; madhu-sūdanaShree Krishna, the killer of the demon named Madhu; etasyaof this; ahamI; nado not; paśhyāmisee; chañchalatvātdue to restlessness; sthitimsituation; sthirāmsteady


BG 6.33: Arjun said: The system of Yog that you have described, O Madhusudan, appears impractical and unattainable to me, due to the restless mind.


Arjun speaks this verse, beginning with the words yo yam, “This system of Yog,” referring to the process described from verse 6.10 forward. Shree Krishna has just finished explaining that for perfection in Yog we must:

— subdue the senses

— give up all desires

— focus the mind upon God alone

— think of him with an unwavering mind

— see everyone with equal vision

Arjun frankly expresses his reservation about what he has heard by saying that it is impracticable. None of the above can be accomplished without controlling the mind. If the mind is restless, then all these aspects of Yog become unattainable as well.