Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 7, Verse 6

एतद्योनीनि भूतानि सर्वाणीत्युपधारय |
अहं कृत्स्नस्य जगत: प्रभव: प्रलयस्तथा || 6||

etad-yonīni bhūtāni sarvāṇītyupadhāraya
ahaṁ kṛitsnasya jagataḥ prabhavaḥ pralayas tathā

etat yonīnithese two (energies) are the source of; bhūtāniliving beings; sarvāṇiall; itithat; upadhārayaknow; ahamI; kṛitsnasyaentire; jagataḥcreation; prabhavaḥthe source; pralayaḥdissolution; tathāand


BG 7.6: Know that all living beings are manifested by these two energies of mine. I am the source of the entire creation, and into me it again dissolves.


All life in the material realm comes into existence by the combination of souls and matter. By itself, matter is insentient; the soul needs a carrier in the form of the body. By the conjugation of these two energies, living beings manifest.

God is the origin of both these energies; the entire creation manifests from him. When the cycle of creation reaches a completion at the end of 100 years of Brahma, the Lord dissolves the manifestation. The five gross elements merge into the five subtle elements, the five subtle elements merge into ahankār; ahankār merges into mahān; mahān merges into prakṛiti; prakṛiti goes and sits in the body of Maha Vishnu (a form of the Supreme Lord). The souls who did not get liberated in the cycle of creation also reside in God’s body in an unmanifest form, awaiting the next cycle of creation. Once again, when God wishes to create, the cycle begins (as explained in the commentary of verse 7.4), and the world comes into existence. Hence, God is the source, support, and final resting ground for all existence.