Occurences of purushah

Word Meaning Reference
puruṣhaḥ person BG 2.21
puruṣhaḥ a person BG 3.4
pūruṣhaḥ a person BG 3.19
pūruṣhaḥ a person BG 3.36
puruṣhaḥ the cosmic personality of God, encompassing the material creation BG 8.4
puruṣhaḥ the Supreme Divine Personality BG 8.22
puruṣhāḥ (such) persons BG 9.3
puruṣhaḥ the Supreme Divine Person BG 11.18
puruṣhaḥ personality BG 11.38
puruṣhaḥ the individual soul BG 13.21
puruṣhaḥ the individual soul BG 13.22
puruṣhaḥ Divine Personality BG 15.17
puruṣhaḥ human being BG 17.3