Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 18, Verse 60

स्वभावजेन कौन्तेय निबद्ध: स्वेन कर्मणा |
कर्तुं नेच्छसि यन्मोहात्करिष्यस्यवशोऽपि तत् || 60||

swbhāva-jena kaunteya nibaddhaḥ svena karmaṇā
kartuṁ nechchhasi yan mohāt kariṣhyasy avaśho ’pi tat

swabhāva-jenaborn of one’s own material nature; kaunteyaArjun, the son of Kunti; nibaddhaḥbound; svenaby your own; karmaṇāactions; kartumto do; nanot; ichchhasiyou wish; yatwhich; mohātout of delusion; kariṣhyasiyou will do; avaśhaḥhelplessly; apieven though; tatthat

swbhava-jena kaunteya nibaddhah svena karmana
kartum nechchhasi yan mohat karishyasy avasho ’pi tat


BG 18.60: O Arjun, that action which out of delusion you do not wish to do, you will be driven to do it by your own inclination, born of your own material nature.


Continuing his words of warning, Shree Krishna further elaborates on the previous theme. He says, “Due to your sanskārs of past lives, you have a Kshatriya nature. Your inborn qualities of heroism, chivalry, and patriotism will compel you to fight. You have been trained in past lifetimes and in this one, to honor your duty as a warrior. Is it possible for you to be inactive when you see injustice being meted out to others in front of your eyes? Your nature and inclinations are such that you vehemently oppose evil wherever you see it. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to fight in accordance with my instructions, rather than be compelled by your nature to do the same.”