Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 7, Verse 10

बीजं मां सर्वभूतानां विद्धि पार्थ सनातनम् |
बुद्धिर्बुद्धिमतामस्मि तेजस्तेजस्विनामहम् || 10||

bījaṁ māṁ sarva-bhūtānāṁ viddhi pārtha sanātanam
buddhir buddhimatām asmi tejas tejasvinām aham

bījamthe seed; māmme; sarva-bhūtānāmof all beings; viddhiknow; pārthaArjun, the son of Pritha; sanātanamthe eternal; buddhiḥintellect; buddhi-matāmof the intelligent; asmi(I) am; tejaḥsplendor; tejasvināmof the splendid; ahamI


BG 7.10: O Arjun, know that I am the eternal seed of all beings. I am the intellect of the intelligent, and the splendor of the glorious.


In a cause and effect relationship, every cause is the seed of its effect. For example, an ocean can be considered the seed of the clouds, and the clouds are the seed for rain. Similarly, Shree Krishna says in this verse that he is the cause, the seed from which all beings have been created.

Have you ever thought, why some people are more intelligent than others? These people have greater brilliance in their thoughts and ideas. The only explanation for this can be; since all that exists is a manifestation of God’s energy, the splendid qualities visible in such outstanding people can only be due to God’s grace. As Shree Krishna has mentioned in this verse, He is the subtle force behind the intelligent and the glorious. He makes their minds more analytic and thoughts scintillating.

Legends of modern history such as William Shakespeare displayed unmatched brilliance in the field of literature. This could have only been possible by God’s grace. His works have nourished the English literature, and English has now become the most used language of the world. Swami Vivekananda once said that the British Empire has united the world in one language. 

Another such genius is Bill Gates, who changed the course of information technology with his Windows Operating System. With more than ninety percent of market share, Windows has become the most popular Operating System of the world. As it is very user-friendly it has made information technology available to the public at large, the usage of computers is not limited to the IT engineers anymore. Such inspiration to have one major operating system to unify the information technology industry and ensure proper interaction could only be through God’s plan. God enhances one such person’s intellect when he wants to save us from chaos.

Of course, the saints have always acknowledged that the brilliance and beauty of their works are due to God’s special grace. Sage Tulsidas said:  

na maiñ kiyā na kari sakauñ, sahiba kartā mor

karata karāvata āpa haiñ, tulasī tulasī śhor

“Neither did I write the Ramayan, nor do I have the ability to write it.  The Lord is my Doer.  He directs my actions and acts through me, but the world thinks that Tulsidas is doing them.”  Likewise, in this verse, Shree Krishna has clearly stated that He is the brilliance of the brilliant and the intellect of the intelligent.